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Optoma GT720 NVIDIA® 3DVision™ Ready Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector

London, February 2011 – Optoma has released the GT720 building on their impressive gaming and home entertainment pedigree by including full support for NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ - a technology that is a combination of Graphics Processor Units (GPU), specialized 3D glasses and software that deliver a 3D experience on your PC or workstation.

The GT720 is also full compatible with the Optoma 3D-XL, 3D projector adapter and capable of producing a fully immersive 3D TV and gaming experience. Compatible with 3D broadcast signals such as Sky 3D in the UK; 3D Blu-ray players and 3D games from the Sony® PS3 and Microsoft Xbox®, the 3D-XL simply connects between a 3D source and a 3D Ready DLP™ projector.

The GT720 utilises a special lens giving a 120” image from less than 2m away; ideal for gaming with a Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect & Playstation® Move. Motion controlled gaming is best experienced in a “lights-on” environment and the extra-bright 2500 Lumens is perfect for creating brilliant images when the lights are on. Alternatively, the high brightness GT720 can produce an extra-large screen home entertainment experience of up to 5m when the lights are dimmed.

An HD ready projector, the GT720 brings the performance of the latest digital gaming projector technology to the home. Building on the success of, amongst others, the bestselling HD67, the new GT720 now includes support for 3D capabilities from NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ using.120Hz frame sequential 3D for resolutions up to 720p. In addition, the Optoma 3D-XL adapter solution is, of course, fully supported.

As most movies are shot at 24 frames per second (FPS), the GT720 preserves the purity of the original image by accepting HD sources at 24 FPS ensuring the image is shown as the director intended.

Optoma has produced a projector that combines a stunningly bright 2500 ANSI Lumens of Home Entertainment experience with perfectly balanced colour rendition and incredibly light and shade detail only possible with an exceptional 300:1 ANSI Contrast ratio/3000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio. With a complete visual and audible experience in mind, Optoma have included 10w speakers and an audio out for connecting a sub-woofer, making the GT720 a true all-rounder.

Featuring a full range of analogue and digital inputs, including HDMI connectivity to the latest digital entertainment devices such as BluRay ™ players and gaming consoles is simple and straightforward. Not only is the GT720 perfect for big screen cinema experiences but is also bright enough to be used in ambient light conditions for fully immersive 3D gaming and viewing.

Indeed, so confident is Optoma of its picture quality that its unique guarantee warrants image and colour quality will remain as new for at least five years.

GT720 Key features

  • 3D Support using NVIDIA 3DVision ™ and Optoma 3D-XL adapter
  • New Performance point for HD Ready 24 FPS 720P DLP projectors
  • Realistic Measurable Contrast Performance of 350:1 ANSI Contrast
  • Ambient Light Usable 2500 ANSI Lumens
  • 5 Year Colour Guarantee
  • Filter-free, virtually maintenance free design

GT720 Specifications

Native Resolution 720P (1280 x 720)
Brightness 2500 ANSI Lumens
ANSI Contrast 300:1
Peak Contrast 3000:1
Noise Level (ECO mode) 27dB
Weight 2.9kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 324 x 234 x 97mm
Remote Control Backlit with direct source selection
Audio 10w speaker
Optoma 3D-XL Compatible
NVIDIA 3D support NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Ready
  120Hz frame sequential 3D for resolutions up to 720p. 60Hz field sequential 3D for resolutions up to 480i
NVIDIA 3D Viewing Requires NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ glasses & IR Emitter
Inputs/Outputs HDMI v1.3
  VGA (Component /PC/SCART)
  3.5mm audio I/O
  RS232 (3 pin mini DIN)
  L/R RCA Audio-In,
Colour & Imager Guarantee 5 years (see website or brochure for terms and conditions).
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